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Help Secure the Future of the Aquatarium

 Invest in the Aquatarium, a non-profit discovery centre dedicated to learning through critical thinking and enhancing traditional education in the 1000 Islands – Ontario and St. Lawrence River region.


As a non-profit organization, the Aquatarium relies on the support of individual and corporate donors for ongoing exhibits, activities and programs. Through facilitating education and conservation in the 1000 Islands, Ontario and St. Lawrence River community, the Aquatarium hopes to preserve the unique history, culture and experiences of the region for many years to come.

With your support, the Aquatarium can continue to inspire curiosity, passion and adventure with activities for kids, teens and adults. Your investment will be directly applied towards the evolution of our discovery centre to ensure that the Aquatarium can continue to be a one-of-a-kind destination for explorers just like you.


The Aquatarium values our donors and volunteers as true partners and we offer many ways to get involved.

For details on our Aquatarium Mates program, please see below.

Become a sponsor for our educational programs.
Contact us for sponsorship opportunities at 613-342-6789 x 7011 or email us:  Email Development.


 Want to be a partner in our mission to inspire curiosity through enriching and entertaining experiences?  Why not join our team as an Aquatarium Mate by donating?  Your donation will provide you with the status of Cadet, a Steward, an Officer, a Captain, or even an Admiral!   You will receive a tax receipt and other benefits for your donation.

Your ranking and benefits are valid for one year from date of donation.

Ready to become an Aquatarium Mate?  Please complete this Mates donation Form and reach out to us.  You can contact us via phone 613-342-6789 x 7012 or email: Email Development

The Aquatarium values our Aquatarium Mates as true partners in our mission to inspire curiosity through enriching and entertaining experiences.

Here are some of the things our Aquatarium Mates make possible:
• provide programs for students and youth
• provide veterinary services for Aquatarium animals
• provide much needed equipment for aquarists
• provide affordable admission




We are very thankful for the support of our Aquatarium Mates:



Shirley Smyth, Elspeth Symonds, Carolyn & John Coffin, Ian & Richelle Beatty, Kevin Beatty, Bill and Lesia Maxwell



John Jeffrey, Laurie Jeffrey, Patricia Marshall, Timothy & Elinor Utting


Linda Breedyk, Bonita Erwin, Pat Gillis, Carola Johnston, Fran Ledamun, Joe Manko, Stephen McGovern, Judy Saunders, Mary Ellen Stoll, Holly Welch, Chris Wood, In Memory of Jean Fuller


Maureen Bradley, Lynda Cavanagh, Connie Chillcott, Brenda Clarke, Karen Collett, Jean Cummins, Laurie Fitchell, Barb Graveline, Terry Grimes, Valarie Hodgkinson, Gerry Kasaboski, Karen Kerr-Kennedy, Margaret Lawrence, Stephanie MacDonald, Susan Macklin, Destiny Mercer, Franklyn Heisler, Tracey Smith, Norma Wilkes, Bill Yarranton, Patricia Le Poidevin, Gina Taggart-Budde, Margaret Storrier, Jennifer Barnes, Hanne Rycroft

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