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Thank you for your interest in contacting the Aquatarium for support. The Aquatarium receives a vary large number of ticket donation requests from many organizations. As we are a registered not-for-profit charity we understand the need to give and receive support. Please read the following information before requesting a donation to ensure that you meet the donation request criteria.

Requests for support must be submitted on an organization’s letterhead and be received through an email to Marketing. Requests via phone, social media or post mail will not be accepted.

    1. Due to a very high volume of requests received from schools and post-secondary institutions, we are unable to support all individual school fundraising activities. We do however offer discounted admission rates for schools through our Class Visit Programs.
    2. Requests must be received at least 6 weeks in advance of the need.
    3. Requests must contain the Charitable Number in order to be considered.
    4. The Aquatarium donates to a wide variety of community groups that align with our charitable purpose, particularly groups with a focus on children/youth, education and the environment. Due to the large number of requests we receive, we are not able to support every request.
    5. The Aquatarium does not fulfill donation requests to the following groups and organizations:
      • Political or religious organizations
      • For-profit ventures

An organization will be approved for only one request per year.

    1. As a not-for-profit organization, the Aquatarium does not make cash donations.
    2. The Aquatarium cannot grant requests involving animal interactions, memberships or behind-the-scenes tours.
    3. Written requests must include the following information:
      • Organization Name
      • Charitable Number
      • Organizations Goals and Activities
      • Description of the fundraising event
      • Date of the fundraising event
      • Donation requested
      • Contact Name, phone number, email and address of an authorized representative of the organization

Note: Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive, only those organizations whose request has been approved will be contacted. Thank you.

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