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Pet Beverage Bottles

Pet Beverage Bottles

At Feldman Industries, we manufacture a selection of Pet beverage bottles that are ideal for safeguarding your liquid products and giving them an attractive appearance. Be advised that not all plastic bottles are manufactured to the same high standard of quality that we insist on at Feldman Industries. For a superior product at a fair price, consider placing your next order from our company. Review our inventory to find plastic juice bottles, wholesale drink containers, and custom beverage bottles in the exact size and shape to meet your specifications.

Choosing PET Containers Over Glass Bottles

You’ll discover numerous advantages to selecting our PET plastic bottles for your beverages:

  • PET is strong and break-resistant
  • Displays your beverage through clear plastic
  • Affordable option
  • Requires less energy and natural resources to manufacture
  • 100% recyclable
  • 30% lighter than traditional plastic
  • Does not react with food or beverages
  • Allows for low-cost customized packaging
  • No phthalates
  • No endoctrine disrupters
  • No dioxins
  • Producg is reusable

Whether you’re currently using glass and are thinking about switching to PET plastic or you’re simply paying too much for your product’s container, you’ll find Feldman Industries is able to help you achieve your goal of packaging your products in an affordable, high-quality container.

Discounted Wholesale Beverage Bottles

Speak with our team about a bulk packaging order by calling 203-458-6005. If you don’t see a PET product on our website that will meet your needs, we can custom mold a bottle uniquely for your company; one that will make your beverage a standout on the shelf while showcasing your brand. It’s been said many times in many ways that the package makes the product- we believe there’s a lot of truth to that statement.

PET Beverage Bottles We Carry

Ideal for juices, tea, dairy products, water, and semi-liquids, such as marinades & sauces, our PET bottles are high in functionality and lightweight, the most resilient packaging for your beverages. Work with our team to create custom bottles or choose from one of the following:

  • Bullet juice bottles
  • Round bottles
  • Multi-serve bottles
  • Square juice bottle
  • Shot bottle

Cost-Effective PET Beverage Bottles

We know there’s a lot riding on the type of container you choose, especially when it comes to displaying your product in the store, on your website, or in your retail shop. With so many plastic container options available today, it can easily become overwhelming trying to choose the one that’s best for your company’s packaging needs. We highly recommend a PET plastic container for the numerous benefits PET offers and for PET’s cost-effective nature.

You can leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet by choosing PET plastic when ordering containers for your liquid products. As one of the most eco-friendly plastic products available today, PET can be completely recycled after a single use and can be reused by your customers without worrying about chemical leeching.

If you’d like more information about our products, contact us at 203-458-6005 to discuss your packaging needs with one of our product experts.

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Pet Beverage Bottles

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