RiverQuest™: A Gateway to all the Incredible Experiences the 1000 Islands Region Offers

Uncover a new world on your own customized adventure through the St. Lawrence River and 1000 Islands.

RiverQuest™ is a partnership made up of museums, castles, forts, theatres, art centres, environment reserves, boat tours and much more on both sides of the River.

The Aquatarium is 1000 Islands RiverQuest™’s showcase that offers a discovery experience like no other. Our partnership allows you to explore the storied history, complex ecological systems, and abundant recreational activities found throughout the St. Lawrence River region. Whatever you’re searching for, explorers of all ages in your family will have the opportunity to experience the excitement.

Choose your own adventure and take the time to try a little bit of everything the 1000 Islands has to offer. Discover an array of events and attractions to create your own unique getaways and adventures that are way off the beaten path. To start your RiverQuest™, come visit us at the Aquatarium and discover a world you never knew.

RiverQuest partner attractions in the 1000 Islands showcase many things, such as:

  • The storied history and rich culture of the region.
  • Our complex ecological systems and their crucial role in the communities surrounding the 1000 Islands.
  • The hugely important role the St. Lawrence Seaway plays in the commerce and industry of both Canada and the United States.
  • The region’s abundant recreational opportunities for boaters, anglers and water lovers of all types.

Take a look at the map of RiverQuest partners below and plan your adventure today!