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Come see the Baby Otters!


The Aquatarium is home to three amazing adult River Otters: Brock, Oliver and Ivy. They came to us as recuses over two years ago and have thrived in their new home. They each have different and unique personalities that brings interest to their group dynamic. Brock is older than the other two and shows himself as the older wiser otter. While Oliver is playful and loves to interact with our guests. Ivy is our only female otter and she has proven herself to be the boss of the habitat over the two boys. However, she also loves to play tag and chase our guests through the viewing windows of the exhibit.

On February 22 2018, Ivy gave birth to two healthy otters adding a new dynamic and excitement to the exhibit! They’ve been named Boldt and Lawrence. The babies now have their own area to play where our guests can see them up close. They spend their days in either the new play yard or the main otter exhibit.
Many new and exciting things are happening with our North American River Otters everyday.
Please visit us daily at 11:30am and 3:00pm for our presentations to learn more about our Adult Otters at the main Otter Exhibit!

Note: Baby snack times may vary out of consideration for the needs of the newborns.



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