Take the worry out of last minute snow days and PA Days!

The Summer sun is still shining and the flowers are in bloom, but let’s not kid ourselves – we know the Canadian Winter will be here before we know it! And if last Winter is indicative of what’s to come this Winter, we know the kiddos will be treated to one too many Snow Days…

Along with the predetermined 6 P.A Days, last year students from our region had (at least) 10 bus cancellations. While fun for the kids, these days can often be stressful for parents (i.e. daycare, activities, friends, etc.). New this school year, for a reasonable fee, we are offering a package deal of daycare AND Educational programming with qualified teachers (with First Aid certification).

– EARLY BIRD package of 15x 1-day P.A or Snow Day camps: $525.00 (+tax)
– (After October 15, 2017) Package of 15x 1-day P.A or Snow Day camps: $555.00 (+tax)
– Last minute call-in: $40.00 (+tax) *if space available as of 9am


Please download our information sheet here: PA DAY and SNOW DAY CARE – INFO SHEET

Please download the registration form here: PA DAY and SNOW DAY REGISTRATION

All inquiries can emailed to our education team at education@aquatarium.ca

BIG PA Day Friday, October 27th. ALL ADMISSIONS ONLY $8.00 (+tax)!!