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Light and Heavy Duty repair Fort McMurray

Light and Heavy Duty repair Fort McMurray

Finding Better Light And Heavy Duty Repair In Fort McMurray

You will have no trouble finding light and heavy duty repair in Fort McMurray regardless of the equipment you have. The oil sand boom produced a boom in companies that provides light and heavy duty repair in Fort McMurray. The problem naturally is that all services are not the same.

The following guidelines will help you find better providers of light and heavy duty repair in Fort McMurray.

Long history in the area

The concept seems academic. There are some companies that have been in business for a long time that provide poor service. They exist because they keep jumping from company to company.

The company that you are looking for is one that started with the oil sand boom and grew with it.

Local owner

Local ownership means a lot. The owner has invested his money and life in the business. The owner has made a statement that he represents the community as well. These are important reasons to select a company that is locally owned instead of a company owned by a national conglomerate. You get better service because there is a personal commitment to the work.


You already know enough not to take what a company says on their website as absolute fact. Recommendations from clients on a company website are always great reviews.

The thing that you want to see is recommendations from local businesses that have nothing to do with the company itself. A long term contract with a local government for light duty and heavy duty fleet repair work is a great recommendation of quality service.

High tech equipment

Vehicles have become more and more dependent on computer technology. You need a company that has the latest computer diagnostics and software. This equipment makes your repair work faster and more accurate.

Training and licensing

A commitment to constant training is a key excellent service for any type of vehicle. New ways to keep your truck, bus, tractor, or construction equipment working for you are being discovered every day. A company that does work that keeps you out of the shop is what you really want. Training keeps you working.

An Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council license and a CVIP license are a guarantee that the company and the employees are qualified to work on any vehicle or equipment that you have.

Environmentally Compliant

A company that provides light and heavy duty repair in Fort McMurray must be environmentally compliant. Your vehicles could become involved in environmental litigation that lasts for years. Look for a company that exceeds all environmental standards.

Extra services

There are two extra services that set a company apart from others.

Vehicle recovery

The company that you want to use has the equipment to come get your truck or equipment when it is broken down no matter where it is. They can do this any time of day and any day.

Washing and detailing

Looks matter. The impression that your fleet makes can increase your presence and your customer base. You want a company that does washing and detailing and does a great job of it.

Light and Heavy Duty repair Fort McMurray

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