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Explore all the Aquatarium has to offer at your own pace. Self-guided field trips give your group access to more than 100 hands-on exhibit and 70 species of live animals. Children will have fun exploring, climbing, and being creative!

Book Monday through Friday when the Aquatarium is open to the public. Admittance numbers are low to ensure social distancing and health precautions can be followed.


Minimum # of Students: 20
Student Cost: $8.00 plus tax per student

Supervisor Ratio:
Grades PreK – 3 requires 1 supervisor (admitted free) per 5 students
Grades 4 – 8 requires 1 supervisor (admitted free) per 10 students
Grade 9 – 12 requires 1 supervisor (admitted free) per 20 students

*Any additional adult supervisor will be charged general admission $19.99 plus tax.

Want to extend your time at the Aquatarium? Come explore some of our add-on experiences!

Additional Add-Ons: 

Self-Explore – $4.00 (plus tax) per student
Extend your workshop by an hour by adding this self-explore time to your visit! Self-explore gives your group access to more than 100 hands-on exhibits and 70 species of live animals.

Ropes Course – $8 per participant (plus tax) minimum of 1 supervisor per group of 8)
Test your balance and coordination skills on the AQ ropes course. Students will have 45 minutes to experience the Ropes Course and the Aqua Drop. Children aged 5 and up are welcome to try! Waiver forms must be completed for each child in order to participate, prior to visit.

Guided Tour – $50 (plus tax) per group of 12 (minimum 2 adult & 10 children)
Experience the Aquatarium through a guided tour by one of our amazing tour guides. Groups will get the inside scoop about the rich history of the St. Lawrence River and surrounding area. Tour will run for 45 minutes and groups will be given time for self-explore.

Above the Tanks Tour – $2.00 (plus tax) per participant. Group sizes of 6 (minimum 1 adult & 5 children)
Go where no children have been before! Go behind the scenes with our Aquarists to experience what it takes to take care of our fishy friends. Students will go on a mini tour above our Lake, River, and Shore tanks.

Meet & Greets – $20 (plus tax) per classroom.
Say hello to some animals that call AQ home! Students will get an up close and personal meet and greet with a few of our animal ambassadors that live in Herpetology Hallway. Join us for this 15-20 minute experience.

Curiosity Carts – $30 (plus tax) per classroom

Each cart includes a 30 minute presentation and take home activities.

Cart Options:

Shark Vs. Sturgeon

  • Come learn about two prehistoric creatures that look a lot alike but have different characteristics. Can you spot the difference between a shark and sturgeon? Come join us as we see and feel the difference! Students will get a super fun take home craft.

Geologist for the Day: How Fossils are Made

  • Interactive game that demonstrates the process of fossilization. Guests use a spinning wheel (and their imagination) to speed up time and watch layers of soil, rocks, sediment and other natural materials cover objects, mineralize them and, after at least 10,000 years, become fossils. Samples of local fossils and minerals are available to examine as well.

Zoologist for the Day: Busy Beavers

  • Take an in-depth look at the features that have made beavers so resilient to our Canadian climate. Guests will have a chance to see and feel actual samples and/or replicas of beaver teeth, fur, their webbed feet, semi-opposable fingers and even their poop.

Herpetologist for the Day: All About Gray Ratsnakes (available in April 2022)

  • Learn about the features, lifecycle, habitat and importance of Gray Ratsnakes in Eastern Ontario through a fun interactive question and answer game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

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  • Please Note: Group trips are available for booking after June 27th, 2022 – Additional Add-On Experiences are limited during summer months.

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