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Aquarium In Ontario

Aquarium In Ontario

Welcome to Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing, the premier aquarium in Ontario. With aquatic exhibits, birthday parties, boardroom rentals, special events, and learning zones, there is something for everyone here.

Established in 2020, Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing has quickly become a must-visit destination for anyone interested in exploring the undersea world of Ontario’s St. Lawrence River or looking to host an extraordinary event.



The Aquatarium’s 1000 Islands aquarium experience offers a unique chance to dive into the underwater world of the St. Lawrence River. The Aquaria is a gateway to immersion, hands-on learning, and exploration of the diverse environment of the river showcased in three distinct aquarium habitats: lake, river, and shore. Each habitat has a unique ecosystem that you can explore from different perspectives.

Explore the lake, river, and shore ecosystems of the St. Lawrence River from different perspectives. Observe bass, perch, and sunfish from a cross-section of a typical St. Lawrence dock in our Shore tank or walk through an underwater tunnel surrounded by many species of fish from the region.

See the smallest shiner in the Shore tank and the largest sturgeons in the River tank. Learn about how plants, animals, and microorganisms work together to maintain these unique St. Lawrence River ecosystems in our multiple aquarium habitats.

Get a unique “fish’s eye view” at the sunken Keystorm pilothouse. The Keystorm was a mighty 258-foot cargo steamer built in Britain in 1909 that met its unfortunate demise while navigating the treacherous shipping channels of the St. Lawrence River. Today, this legendary shipwreck remains submerged in St. Lawrence and is a popular diving destination.


Did you know that over 10,000 years ago, the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, and Brockville were actually underwater? That’s right! These cities that millions of people now call home were once home to whales, seals, and other sea life.

At the 1000 Islands Aquariums Creation Experience, you can dive deep into the waters of history! Immerse yourself in the natural history of the region and trace your way through the ages by following the evolution of rocks like granite, basalt, quartz, and limestone.

Start with ancient igneous rocks made from lava and make your way to newer sedimentary ones. Learn how these changes came to be as video monitors tune you into the story of the geologic creation of this fascinating region, from glaciers two miles deep to the St. Lawrence River and Frontenac Arch.

Young explorers can get to know the ancient Champlain Sea and the marine animals who made their homes there in our saltwater tank, one of the many fascinating exhibits in the Aquatarium. Intrepid adventurers can dig up the past in a mini archaeological site with pieces of a large fossil just waiting to be discovered.

Be sure to take in the massive scope of the beluga whale fossil suspended from the upper wall, keeping in mind that these white whales once graced waters a mere 50 miles from this very location on the St. Lawrence River.


Aquatarium is the top aquarium in Ontario, and it is a unique way to explore the St. Lawrence River and its many secrets! Get up close with fish, amphibians, and mammals of the region and explore their habitats with interactive displays. Learn about the long history of the region at our Creation Experience exhibit, complete with video monitors and an archaeological dig site.

Come enjoy all that this educational and fun aquarium has to offer! With all these experiences, you’ll never run out of ways to discover all the wonders of the St. Lawrence River!

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